Ashes To Dust

from by No Turning Back



Ashes To Dust

You always talk trash, I used to listen
The truth always ends up missing
Breaking free from your twisted ways
We’ll talk about the price you’ll pay
Nobody talks shit the way you do
Always neglecting my point of view
Fed up with the way you act
What we had suddenly cracked

You had your way from time to time
You spoke your piece now I'm going to speak mine
No more turning a blind eye, time to say goodbye
We had our times, some even good
you talked your shit, I never could
My eyes are open, I’m not blind, time to say fuck you

The things you would say, they were not true
Picked a losing battle like only fools do
If I got the choice to change the past I wish i could
Cause it turned into everything you said it never would

So many questions remain unanswered
You can’t live up to my standard

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Ashes to dust, bleed you must
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Ashes to dust bleed you must


from No Time To Waste, released February 24, 2017



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No Turning Back NB, Netherlands

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